“Swallows Dance” - Limited Edition Print - 11” x 14”

“Swallows Dance” - Limited Edition Print - 11” x 14”

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Here’s “Swallows Dance” It is said that seeing a swallow while out at sea guaranteed that you would return home safely.

Print size: 9” x 11” (approx. 23 x 28cm)

Paper size: 11” x 14” (approx. 28 x 35cm)

Paper type: Archival, deckled edge. or Banana, hand-torn.

This hand-pressed print was made from a single linoleum block carefully carved over the course of several hours.

The paper is torn, the block is inked, and the print is pressed all by hand. Because of this, there will be slight variations to each print making them unique.

This print comes unframed and shipped either pressed between two pieces of cardboard or rolled in a tube.

Limited edition of 25 on each paper type.

Hand-signed, and numbered by the artist.