Meet the artist.

Hi! I'm Dustin.

I spend most of my time with my wife Anna. We have a little dog named Stella, and because we don't have any kids yet, she's kind of our baby. We love to eat. We're always looking for new restaurants and places to go. We also love to cook, but, if I am not careful the kitchen looks like a tornado came through when I'm done. The thing we hate the most is folding laundry and the biggest thing we argue about (other than my messes in the kitchen) is where to go for dinner. I own a branding business, and work a second job to make it all possible.

 When I'm not doing all of that -I make art.

Throughout the day my mind goes a million miles a minute and sitting down to make art acts as a kind of meditation exercise. Block printing does not allow for any errors. When you carve a block, you cant un-carve it. It's something I love about the medium. I worked as a tattoo artist and even owned two shops for awhile so idea that you have to embrace the mistakes and work them into a piece in a way that looks intentional was always a challenge I loved.

I've been an artist all my life but started making art professionally about 12 years ago in the bedroom at my parents house. There's still paint on the ceiling from when I learned about abstract art. I have always loved art. It is my hope that you love what I make as well.